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Building a Better Government: From Corruption to Efficiency

Blockchain technology is truly an amazing technology that should be used by all Countries in their government system to combat corruption and enhance efficiency.

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What are the characteristics of Blockchain technology that can help build a better government?


Once data is recorded on the blockchain, it becomes extremely difficult to alter or tamper with.


This decentralized nature ensures that no single entity has complete control over the data, enhancing security and reducing the risk of manipulation.


Transactions recorded on the blockchain are visible to all participants, promoting accountability and trust in the network.


Blockchain utilizes cryptographic algorithms to secure data integrity and prevent unauthorized access.


Each transaction recorded on the blockchain includes a timestamp and a unique identifier, enabling the traceability of data.

How can Blockchain Technology Improve Government's System?

Time in and out

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By utilizing blockchain technology, every government employee can be tracked for their time in and time out at work. All they need to do is generate a timestamp each time an employee enters or exits the premises. Employees going out for fieldwork can timestamp their activities with their supervisor's authorization.

No more ghost employees

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With this implementation, ghost employees will be eliminated since each employee will be assigned a unique digital identity authorized by department heads.


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If a country's currency is digital and operates on its own blockchain, it becomes easier to determine the amount a company should be taxed and how much a government official is spending based on their declared assets. Tax evasion and corruption can be minimized. Expenses in production of Bills and Coins will also be minimized.


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If every citizen of a country has a unique Blockchain ID, monitoring illegal immigrants becomes easier. Espionage and unlawful entry into a country can be minimized.

Government Projects and Biddings

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Every government bidding and project submission will be recorded on the blockchain. All approving authorities can view and cast their votes based on their judgment. Since it is decentralized, others can now identify any wrong judgments or unnecessary projects. Bidders will have access to this information at the end of each bidding to detect any foul play.

Criminal records

Photo by Saad Chaudhry on Unsplash

Every criminal record will be saved on the blockchain, and the public will have access to every criminal file. This will significantly reduce the number of wrongly accused individuals.


Ghost beneficiaries will no longer exist, as every government beneficiary will be assigned a unique ID and undergo Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures.


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If all votes are conducted through the blockchain, people can easily verify the results. This will minimize the use of fraudulent practices such as flying voters and ghost voters.

Combating Corruption

The government can create its internal currency, which will only operate within its system. This will prevent employees from accepting bribes, as the recorded payments will act as receipts. Additionally, since the payment is in cryptocurrency, it cannot be easily misused, as only the finance department has access to convert it into liquid cash.

System Downtime

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There will be no more system downtime because there is no main computer that is running the system. Even if a few computers are down, the system will still run unless you destroy all the computers that are running a node for that blockchain.

Although these ideas are good, I doubt that we will come to this point. Someone powerful will try to prevent this from happening because it will mean a lot of damage to them.

This is just wishful thinking, and I'm just daydreaming of a future government that has this kind of system

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