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Hive Keychain Wallet Installation Guide

The Hive Keychain Wallet is a software wallet used for Hive Blockchain Accounts. It is advisable to install the Keychain wallet first so that the account created will automatically be added to the Keychain’s list of accounts.

What is the Hive Keychain Wallet?

Hive Keychain Wallet Installation Guide

Uses of the Hive Keychain Wallet The Hive Keychain Wallet is where rewards from content creation are sent. This wallet also offers various functions that allow you to earn more from the tokens received as rewards.

Additionally, you can use this wallet to send your Hive Tokens to other Hive addresses in different exchanges, such as Binance. This transfer cannot be completed unless it is sent from the Hive Keychain Wallet.

Hive Keychain also allows you to monitor the voting power and resource power that you can utilize for tasks like voting and other transactions integrated with the Hive Blockchain.

How to Install

To install the Keychain Wallet, go to the Chrome Web Store or your Mobile Phone’s App Store and search for Hive Keychain Wallet.

Hive Keychain Wallet Installation Guide
Hive Keychain Wallet Extension

Install the Extension or App.

Hive Keychain Wallet Installation Guide

After installing the app, open it.

Hive Keychain Wallet Installation Guide
Hive Keychain Wallet Installation Guide

You will be asked to enter a Keychain Password. This password is not the same as the password provided when you created your Hive Account. This password is new and will allow you to access your wallet whenever needed.

Add Hive Account to Your Keychain Wallet Extension/App

Enter the username you have created.

Enter the Active Private Key that was provided to you.

Dapps Under Hive Blockchain

Now that you have completed the installation of the Hive Keychain Wallet, you can now start using it to log in to your favorite Hive DApps.
To provide you with an idea, here are some of the DApps where you can use your Hive Keychain Wallet to log in:

Decentralized Social Media Platforms


NFT Games

Golem Overlord
Rising Star NFT Game
Stardom Play To Earn

Crypto Exchanges

Hive Engine

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