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The Best Budgeting App: Lista App Introduction

Track your expenses easily with the best budgeting app online called Lista App, an app made for Filipinos but, of course, you can use it regardless of your ethnicity.


Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

Why do we need a budgeting app?

It doesn’t matter if the money we budget per month is small, learning how to budget and monitor your daily expenses can help you a lot in analyzing where most of your expenses are coming from.

It can also help you create a system for distributing your money wisely and might even help you fix any unnecessary spending problems.

I had a hard time tracking my daily expenses before, but now, with the help of this great app, Lista, I have finally managed my daily expenses so that they do not exceed my daily budget.

Lista app is the most user-friendly app that I have ever tried. It seems like the developer of this app understands what I really want from a budgeting app.


In this post, I’ll just introduce Lista App first and show you its good functions. Actually, it is very user-friendly, and I know that people will basically pick up how to use it. But even so, I’ll still write a guide on how I use it in my future posts.

Why Is It The Best Budgeting App for Me?

Here are the factors why I ranked Lista App as the best budgeting app for me:

User-Friendly – This app is very easy to use and understand. The front-end (display) is very easy to use and navigate.


Menus I like the menu on this app:

Savings Challenge
In here, you can set up a program where you will challenge yourself to save money monthly.


This is the menu where you input your daily expenses in specific categories. You can set a monthly budget, and every time you enter an expense, it will subtract it from your monthly budget so that you can see how much budget you can still spend under this category.


In this example, I am showing you the different budget categories and how easy it is to track your budget.

Adding an expense
in each category is very simple too! Just click the category, add the amount, and indicate the name of the expense. It’s that easy.



This menu easily lets you see how much you are spending daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.



This menu will show you a pie chart of your top expenses. Are you spending too much money on food?

Benefits of Using a Budgeting App

Using a budget app can offer several benefits for managing your personal finances effectively. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Expense tracking
  • Financial awareness
  • Goal setting
  • Budget creation and planning
  • Financial insights and reports
  • Utility Bill Monitoring
  • Improved financial discipline
  • Accessibility and portability

Overall, using a budget app can simplify the process of managing your finances, increase your financial awareness, and help you make informed decisions to achieve your financial goals.

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