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Passive Income: Hive Curation

Many users of social media networks running on the Hive Blockchain like PeakD, Ecency, Leo Finance, etc. do not know the importance of voting and what it can give to them and to the Hive Community. They are just concerned about the upvotes that they can get from their posts and don't bother to read and appreciate the posts of others.


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Note: In case I have written any incorrect information, please correct me in the comment section so that I can edit my post.

If everyone has that kind of mentality in Hive, no one will benefit from using the social networks running under the Hive Blockchain anymore. No posts can get rewards and HP will just go to waste.

What are the benefits of upvoting (curation)?

Curation gives you Hive Power earnings.
By using your Voting Mana, you are making your Hive Power earn for you. Of course, you need to have at least a minimum amount of HP to generate income from voting.

5 HP can give $0.0001 amount of vote. after the maturity of a post , you will get 50% of the amount you have given and the 50 goes to the content creator. The bigger your HP, the bigger your earnings.


1 Hive, if used as power, will be equal to 1 HP.
To check how much your HP can vote you can use Upvote Calculator

It's okay if you don't want to invest in Hive Power, just use the rewards that you get from your posts and don't withdraw them so that they will stay as HP in your account.

Voting fuels the actions in Hive.
If no one is going to vote, many users will not use Hive Social Networks anymore. Let's admit it, even though there are many users on Hive, they can't still be as many as the users of centralized Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter. Not only that, many of those users are not here to impart knowledge but just because they want to earn rewards.

If no one is voting, the Hive Communities will suffer. That's why let's thank those curators who use their time to vote and appreciate our posts.

How to vote?

First, make sure you have enough HP. If you don't want to buy HP, just don't withdraw the HP that you get as rewards. You can also convert HBDs you received to Hive and use them as Hive Power.

Manual Voting
Manual voting requires you to browse the social network and look for content that you like and upvote them. This way, the creator of that content will be delighted and will make more useful content on Hive.

The truth is there are rules when it comes to voting, but I don't think about it that much. My goal is to support creators who have cool content but have no votes.

Here are some of the rules that I know: They say that if you have a small HP, you should vote before the bigger ones come, or the earnings will decrease (correct me here if I'm wrong). To avoid this, make sure you vote within the first five minutes after the content has been posted.

Monitor your voting Mana. Every time you vote, your mana will decrease. Don't worry, it will regenerate again. The less voting mana you have, the lower the amount of vote will be.


Set the percentage of how much you want to vote. This way, your voting mana will decrease gradually, unlike if you always vote 100%.


Auto Voting
If you don't want to do manual voting, you can use Hive Voter to vote automatically.


Click Here To Visit Hive Vote

Using Hive Voter is very easy. You can either follow someone's trail so that every time that user votes, your account will automatically vote for the same post.



Just make sure to set the settings of how much you want to vote


and the threshold (done under dashboard)so that your automatic voting will stop once it reaches a specific percentage of voting mana.


The next one is by using Fanbase. You can search for users who frequently post good articles and include them in your fanbase. By doing this, every time that user posts content, your account will automatically vote for that post.

To do this, go to fanbase tab and enter the user name of the account you wish to upvote automatically.


After Clicking Follow, the user will be added to your fanbase, click the gear icon to configure settings.


It is better to set the number of times you will vote for that user per week and per day and set the percentage of how much you want to vote for them.


Delegating HP

If you find using Hive Vote to be a hassle, you can also delegate your HP to some curators. They will utilize your HP to vote and, in return, offer you a percentage of the earnings they receive from curation. Here are a few curators that I am aware of:

@leo.voter, @lolz.curate, @asean.hive, @splinterboost, @ocdb, @ecency, @curangel, and more.

Simply visit those accounts and choose the one that appeals to you. Delegating HP is an easy process.

Don't allow your HP to go to waste, use it wisely and earn from it instead of letting it idle in your account.

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