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PeakD Animated Featured Image: Step by Step Tutorial

Typically, many of us just use any image in our post as a featured image, while some put a little effort into creating an image specifically for that purpose, and that is great.

Why is a featured image important in a post? This topic is commonly discussed on YouTube. They say that a featured image is really important because it is the one that catches the attention of users in the news feed.

The same rule applies to social platforms that display featured images. Even on regular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, an image that represents your post has a higher chance of engagement compared to posts that consist only of text.

Now that we know the importance of featured images, let's put more effort into making them animated.

I don't know if you have noticed, but some posts have animated featured images. You might not notice it with your eyes, which is why it grabs your attention.

So how do we create animated featured images?

The truth is it is very simple, If you follow these steps, you can easily create one for your future post.

Step 1 Go to

Step 2. Click Video Icon


Step3. Type background in the search bar,

A list of backgrounds will appear, pick the one you like and it will automatically be attached to your project




Tip: you can also upload your own background.
videos can also be used as a background

  • If the image did not fill the whole screen, right click and set video as background

Step 4. Insert Elements like text or objects


  • To insert a text for title, click on the text icon at the left side.

  • There are a lot of templates available, just pick the one you like

  • To insert an element, click element icon and a list of elements will appear.

Step 5. Edit the properties of the text or elements

  • Elements can be edited by using the toolbar at the top of the screen.
  • It can be resized by dragging and pulling the nodes


Step 6. Testing the video

Play the video, if you're already satisfied. click Share then click download.



Note: videos cannot exceed 30 seconds

We are not done yet, we still need to convert this file to GIF format

Step 7. Go to


Step 8. Upload your video






Click share, copy the link, and paste it into your post

Step 10. Indicate this image as your featured image in the advanced section.

Now your Featured image will be animated

Note: the featured image of this post, although animated is not the same as my example.

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