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Hive Voter Auto Curation Tool

Hive Voter Auto Curation is a powerful tool that you can use to automate voting for your favorite authors or follow a curation trail for passive crypto income.

If you're new to Hive and don't know what Hive Blockchain is yet, and want to learn how you can earn from it without risk, read my other posts.

Introduction To Hive

How To Earn From Hive Blockchain

How to Use Hive Voter

Step 1

A. Go to Hive Signer and Sign up for your Hive Account. Click Here To Learn More About Hive Signer

Hive Signer is a secure way to sign in with Hive Dapps. It functions like Hive Keychain wallet, which you can use to sign in to multiple Hive Dapps.

Prepare your account's active key. This is the key needed to automate tasks in Hive Voter.

If you don't have a Hive Account yet, Click Here to Learn How To Create one 

Input your Hive account username and Active Key.

B. Create a password for your Hive Signer.

Note: This is not your account keys; this password will only be used to activate Hive Signer. A short but strong password is required.

Step 2

Go to Hive Voter Click Here to Go to

Click Login, and you will be redirected to a Hive Signer Page.

Step 3

Give authorization to @steemauto to use the site; this is to allow vote automation.

Step 4


Voting Threshold - In here, you can set the threshold for voting.The default is 70, but if you have HP (Hive Power) less than 30, it's better to set it to a higher threshold so that the auto vote will stop once it reaches that threshold.

Self-vote restriction - if set to false, Hive Vote will not vote on your account if a curation trail that you are following votes your account.

Step 5

Adding Users To Vote

Fanbase - In the fanbase, you can follow authors that you want to vote automatically every time they post.

After adding the user to your fanbase, you can set the vote that you want to give.

Fanbase Settings

Vote Weight - The default weight is 100%, but this will quickly deplete your voting mana if you have many accounts to vote in your fanbase.

Time to wait before voting - They say that there is a rule in voting; I don't know if this is just speculation or true. Voting too early and voting too late will decrease your rewards. They say that the best time to vote is 5 minutes after content is posted.

Weekly Limit - I usually curate users who post at least once every day, so mine is set to 7 for seven-day auto voting.

Daily limit - I vote for users at least once a day; you can set this higher if the user you are following posts more than once a day.

Don't forget to Save the settings.

Curation Trail

Curation Trails are Hive accounts with the main purpose of upvoting Hive Contents. It earns by getting 50% of the amount that they have given to a content creator. Click Here to Read More about Curation.

If you don't want to follow users and you want to vote for random users, your option is to follow a curation trail's vote. Your account will automatically vote for whichever account that curation trail has voted for.

Voting Weight - this is the percentage that you want to use for voting

Curation trail upvotes many accounts daily, so make sure to change the settings. I set mine to Scale.

What is the difference between 'Scale' and 'Fixed' options when following curation trails?

Fixed voting weight means you will upvote with the exact percentage you entered.

Scaled voting weight means your voting weight will be changed (i.e., scaled) by the trail's voting weight. For example, if you followed a trail with this option set to 10%, then if that trail upvotes a post by 50%, your upvote weight will be 5% (10% of 50%).

Time - This is when your account will vote after the curation trail upvotes a post

Comment Voting

You can automatically upvote a comment of a specific user who comments on your post. Just add the username, the upvote weight, and time to vote.

Other Features

Claim Rewards

You can set Hive Vote to claim your rewards from curation and posting automatically (this is safe).

Scheduled Posting

If you have many posts lined up, you can schedule a post using Hive Vote so that you don't need to post every time. (I use Pekd's Feature for this).

I hope you learned something new today. My curation account, D-guide, is curating users who post regularly and receive a great amount of upvote. You can follow me, or you can click here to find out more about my curation accounts."

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