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Blogging Platform that Earns: No Investment Needed

Have you heard about this Blogging Platform that Earns through tipping and creating content without investing any amount?

Blogging Platform that Earns: No Investment Needed
Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Unlike other blogging platforms where you need to at least hold a specific amount of tokens to earn thru voting and you can only post if you have a certain amount of credits, on this site, you don’t need to put out even a single cent. I’m talking about Publish0x.

Why Publish0x is Better than other blogging platforms

Signing up

Signing up for Publish0x is very easy you just need to sign up using your email address, with no complicated keys to worry about. Just make sure you protect your email account. In case of a forgotten password, you can easily get a new one by clicking “forgot password” on the login page.

For More Details, Read Here

No Bogus Accounts On Publish0x, you cannot create bogus accounts solely for the purpose of farming tips or tipping your own content. Most accounts here are either readers or writers. I don’t believe there are any accounts here without a purpose, except perhaps for those that have been abandoned by their users.


Publish0x is a blogging platform where you get rewarded by blogging and tipping other content creators. If you’re not into blogging, that’s fine; you can still earn through tipping. Unlike other blogging sites with rewards systems, you don’t need locked investments to tip and earn here.

The other good thing about this site is that you get what you see on your dashboard; there are no complicated computations that you need to do.

You don’t need to compute how much you will get from tipping and content because it will automatically display and be updated on your dashboard.

Although I think there is a threshold for withdrawal (you need to have at least a specific amount, for example, $5), it is not complicated. Withdrawals can be done using your KuCoin wallet or Metamask wallet.

Note: KuCoin is one of the top 10 crypto exchanges globally.

Proof that they pay

If there is no investment needed, where do they get their funds? As of now, Publish0x sponsors the money they are giving out to people. Here is proof of payment that you can also check for yourselves:


Voting is equal: That’s how voting should be done; voting should not be based on how many tokens you have staked for power. Because if that is the case, then voting can be manipulated.

In Publish0x, since there is no power required to cast a vote, voting power is equal for everyone; there is no whale or ordinary fish here.

No Downvote: The other good thing about Publish0x is that there are no downvotes.

Downvoting is fine as long as it is done correctly; the problem is anyone could just press the downvote, and it’s done. It should have a validator on whether the downvote is valid or not. That’s what I don’t like about other so-called decentralized blogging platforms.

The problem is that these accounts in those Blogging Platforms will just downvote you without a proper explanation. Not all downvotes should be allowed. Downvotes also demoralize people and make them doubt the way they create content. But there is nothing we can do about that; that’s their system. Soon they will realize that it is one of the factors keeping away new users and making old users go to other platforms where they can write freely.

Anonymous Voting: Unlike other decentralized blogging platforms, voting in Publish0x is completely anonymous. So you can’t gain popularity here by always voting for the same user.

No Auto Votes: Publish0x has no auto votes and no voting from the newsfeed. This means that if someone wants to vote for your post, they need to read it first or at least open your article before they can vote.

Unlike other decentralized social media where you can use auto-voting and vote manually without even seeing the content of the article, you’re voting for.

You’re only allowed 6 or 7 daily votes: This is a true site for bloggers and readers; people who just want to farm cannot thrive here because there is a limit on how many times you are allowed to vote, unlike in other decentralized social media where you can vote as long as you have lots of voting power and resources.

Tipping is not limited to 7 days: In other blogging platforms, voting is only limited to 7 days; after that, your vote will not be counted anymore and you will not get rewards. In Publish0x, as long as your content is there, it can get tips. Both the creator and you will get rewards.


Content: Publish0x has many good posts because it is not fully decentralized. You can’t just post content here that is poor in value. Maybe you can, but the chance of your content being put down is high, and you don’t want to risk that.

Content Value: Unlike in other decentralized social media where your content can get a big reward if Whale votes for you, in Publish0x, you cannot like or vote for your own content. If you’re a writer who values your content, then this is the right place for you. You need a lot of votes to be popular here, and because of that, if you get a lot of votes, you will know that your content is valued and you’re on the right track.

Content Focus: Unlike other blogging platforms where most content topics focus on the platform and its community, although Publish0x is more about crypto, it doesn’t focus on itself that much. There are many things that you can read.

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