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Plan Your Child's Future Even If You Are Poor

Are you a poor dad? If you are, then giving inheritance to your children in the future must also be one of your concerns right now.

Photo by Steven Van Loy on Unsplash

If you're a dad who has nothing to give your children in the future, then you better read this post.

Photo by NFT gallery on Unsplash

As a father, we love our children so much that we want to leave something for them in the future.

We work so hard every day, but it seems like the world is against us, and we're having a hard time saving money that we could give to our children before we pass away or when they are already at the right age.

Other parents don't think about this. For them, their child's future depends on their child's skills and knowledge, so they send them to a good school, and for them, that's it.

I have nothing against that, it's just that if I can do anything to give them a better start, why wouldn't I do it, right?

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

But I'm poor, and I'm not sure if I can save for my child's future if I'll just depend on my salary. I was contemplating this when a good idea came to my mind.

You see, I believe in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. I know that they will be significant in the future.

So here is my plan, As of now, my account has at least 840+ HP. Most of it, I delegated to my curation account that I use in voting content on the Hive blockchain. As of now, I have found out that my curation account earned 5 HP in 20 days, not bad right?


In 2022, my HP was only around 380+. I managed to double it in 9 months, and for me, that is good. It has a growth of 28%.

My plan is to continue growing it until the time comes when my child is ready to handle money, then I will turn it over to my child.

Today, my child is zero years old, so maybe I still have 18 years to grow this account. I will continue to write and post every day. I will not get discouraged, even if my posts only get a few votes . I believe that eventually, all the rewards that I get from my posts and curation will pile up and grow.

Not only that, as long as NFT games like Splinterlands and my other NFT games are there, I will add the income that they generated into my Hive Power to make the growth of my account faster.

This will be the start of my additional goal in life. I'm not sure about the future, and I also don't know if I'm right that Hive and the platforms running on it will still be there after 18 years.

But taking action is still better than doing nothing and accepting that I cannot do anything for my child's future.

I already have plans on what to teach my child when she grows up. When she reaches 12, I'll teach her how to blog so that she can create an additional account that she can grow for herself.

What do you think of my idea? Click Here To Learn More!

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